Devblog #1 - Polarscape Network Development

by LAn at January 05, 05:53

Happy 2020, we're excited to announce the creation of Polarscape Network. Development of Polarscape will commence with the start of the new year.

We plan on starting out with only a few game modes and expanding as we grow. To start we will host the popular game modes Factions and Survival. We want to optimize the player experience before moving into larger, more expansive play styles. In this blog post I'll also be going over Polarscape's current plans.

We want Polarscape to expand as we grow. If we introduce too many game modes during release we may not have the player base size to support that many game modes. We also don't want our players to feel overwhelmed with too many options. Polarscape is being designed to become a mature, friendly community. We hope because that our affable community can help bring joy to our current players, and help draw other players in as well.

Release date will hopefully be in a few months depending on how much the Polarscape team is able to dedicate towards Polarscape. There is much to do when building the Polarscape network and we hope it will be ready soon!

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